"Where there is Song, there is Prayer"

—Talmud Brachot 6a

Virtuosic multi-instrumentalist musician-composer, creative ba'al tfilah (prayer leader), award-winning author and master teacher Joey Weisenberg has come to cherish the imperfectly beautiful music of normal people singing together. 

As longtime musician-in-residence and the Founder of Hadar's Rising Song Institute, and through his prolific output of melodies, Joey has helped thousands of people to find their voices in song. 

Master Classes in Jewish Song. 


500+ videos offer guided explorations of Jewish melodies, traditional prayer chants, and davening artistry. Learn how to build musical communities, sing nigunim, and lead prayers—at your own pace, from anywhere in the world!


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Books and Albums

Joey's music and books have inspired thousands. 

Music from Rising Song Records Books by Joey Weisenberg

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