Artist Mentorship with Joey Weisenberg

This series addresses the challenges, opportunities, and questions that arise for emerging and maturing artists.

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In This Course You’ll Explore


Getting Started in Music

Reflections along the path of becoming ba'alei neginah and klei zemer, holders of song, for people who aspire to deepen their Jewish musical practice.

Becoming an Artist

In art, as in life, there are no clear answers. Artistry is the process of deciding between extremes. Walking this tightrope — navigating these tensions — is what produces good art.

Maturing as an Artist

Exploring issues that come up as we grow into our careers as artists, in the middle part of life and beyond, including family life, getting older, traveling less, and sustaining creativity.

What the Course Looks Like


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Jump into music, prayer, and artistry today! Explore all of the master classes in Jewish song and prayer with Joey Weisenberg, including 18 comprehensive courses (1000+ videos) in the Jewish spiritual soundscape, from communal song (nigun) and prayer-leading (nusach), to musical wisdom (Torah), composition, and playing of instruments, as well as virtual events for members and an extensive archive of live performance videos.

 “Joey has so endless insights into what it means to be an artist, and his mentorship course is a wonderful guide along the song-filled path.” 

Courses on Writing & Playing Music

Frequently Asked Questions

The opening section of this Artist Mentorship course is a great place for beginners to start! You’ll hear from Joey about his own journey as an artist, and learn how to embark on a sustainable path of creativity and artistic growth.

If you’re not ready to explore the pathways of artistry and craft, try learning how to sing Jewish spiritual melodies in the opening chapter of the Art of the Nigun series, where Joey sings and teaches 18 beautiful melodies, explaining the tunes’ origins and uses. This series is a great chance to revisit some of Joey’s most beloved nigunim and to discover older melodies from Hasidic tradition, to get a foundational understanding of how this music works, and to begin to use melody as a spiritual practice on your own and in communal contexts.

Yes! Subscribers to Joey’s master class library get access to an extensive live performance archive with videos from album recording sessions and complete concerts with the Hadar Ensemble. Many of these videos are only available on this site.

In the opening chapter of the Art of the Nigun series, Joey sings 18 beautiful melodies, explaining the tunes’ origins and uses. This series is a great chance to revisit some of Joey’s most beloved nigunim and to discover older melodies from Hasidic tradition.

The Torah of Music is another great video series to explore for music fans. This course is designed for anyone who would like to learn about the musical-spiritual dreamscape of the Jewish tradition through stories and teachings. These videos are for inspiration rather than skill building. 

A subscription of $18 per month includes access to all courses (1,000+ videos) in the master class library, as well as periodic Zoom gatherings, recordings of all past webinars, an archive of live performance videos, and a community message board.

No long-term commitment is required. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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