Explore the inner work and outer presentation of live performance, learn how to prepare for a concert, and develop your own performance style!

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The Art of Performance with Joey Weisenberg


Outer Performance

Practical advice for getting ready for a show, rehearsing with a band, and creating a beautiful musical experience in the moment. 

Inner Performance

Joey offers insights from decades of playing live music to help you get into the zone for a performance — mentally, physically, and spiritually — and handle the unexpected with grace on stage.

Playing Online or On the Road

Setting yourself up for success performing in different modalities, whether on tour or in virtual space.

What the Course Looks Like


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Jump into music, prayer, and artistry today! Explore all of the master classes in Jewish song and prayer with Joey Weisenberg, including 18 comprehensive courses (1000+ videos) in the Jewish spiritual soundscape, from communal song (nigun) and  prayer-leading (nusach), to musical wisdom (Torah), composition, and playing of instruments, as well as virtual events for members and an extensive archive of live performance videos. 


  “This course is a treasure trove of wisdom about live performance, gleaned from decades of playing music on stage and in community.”  

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