The Art of the Nigun

How to Sing and Teach Wordless Melodies

Do you want to bring nigunim (spiritual melodies) into your community? This extensive series teaches 18 beautiful Jewish spiritual tunes, and then teaches how to explore, lead and teach those melodies with others. 

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Course Outline

Part 1: Eighteen Nigunim

Learn 18 melodies that underscore the breadth and beauty of the nigun tradition, including original compositions from Joey as well as powerful nigunim from older Hasidic sources. (18 videos)

Part 2: Nigun's Spiritual Background

Study the spiritual background of nigunim, delving into why we sing without words and exploring the textual sources for wordless melodies. (3 videos)

Part 3: Nigun Music Theory

Understand the musical modes that underlie most nigunim while learning fundamentals of musical creation and tuning your ears to the structure of melodic worlds. (6 videos)

Part 4: Variations of a Nigun

Learn to create improvised variations when singing, mastering a toolbox of musical methods. (13 videos)

Part 5: Nigun Workshop

Learn to teach a one hour class on a single melody. Covers everything from how to set up the room to bringing the best out of participants. (22 videos)

Part 6: Nigun Circle

Learn to facilitate a beautiful evening of song and to empower communities to continue the work. (10 videos)

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Jump into music, prayer, and artistry today! Explore all of the master classes in Jewish song and prayer with Joey Weisenberg, including 18 comprehensive courses (1000+ videos) in the Jewish spiritual soundscape, from communal song (nigun) and prayer-leading (nusach), to musical wisdom (Torah), composition, and playing of instruments, as well as virtual events for members and an extensive archive of live performance videos.

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Sample video from The Art of the Nigun:


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for anyone who would like to learn about the musical-spiritual practice of nigun, and how to lead and teach them. For those already immersed in nigunim, this will an opportunity to gather new melodies and work on teaching and leading. For those who are new to the tradition of nigun, it's an excellent "immersion" opportunity - to jump in and learn from a master practitioner.

Through working on the music and teachings in these videos - and, crucially, by trying them in real life! - you can become a leader of nigun in your community.  

You will learn 18 melodies, be able to explain the spiritual background of nigunim, understand the scales and musical modalities, be able to sing a melody 25 times in a row, teach a melody in a workshop, and lead a nigun gathering.

There are 70+ videos in the series - 5 to 15 minutes each - adding up to many hours of instructional sessions with a master practitioner. Click here for a complete overview of the videos contained in the Art of the Nigun course.

Many people have emerged from Joey's workshops eager for a systematized series that can help them to take their inspiration and bring it into the world.  This series is for you!  

Hopefully Joey will be able to resume onsite workshops again in the near future. But, in any case, these online master classes and live webinars will always be a great way for you to have Joey in your living room whenever you would like to study with him.

The structure of this series allows aspiring practitioners of every level to plot a path to nigun mastery at their own pace. Some may choose to focus on music theory while others will want to jump ahead to grasping the finer points of building singing communities.

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