Shabbat, Festivals & Weekday

Nusach and Nigun

Do you want to learn the traditional chants and melodies so that you can lead Shabbat and Festival prayer? In this series, Joey teaches the prayer chant for Shabbat, Festivals and weekday davening, as well as his favorite melodies, and discusses his unique approach to leading each service. (100+ Videos)

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Overview Video: "Shabbat, Festivals & Weekday - Nusach and Nigun"



Featuring 100+ videos in 11 sections, this is an extended instructional series on the nusach (traditional prayer chant) of Shabbat, Festivals and beyond, with in-depth explorations of the predominant sounds of the American synagogue. It could take years to master this material. Each video is a private lesson with a master teacher.

This course is part of the all-access pass for $18 per month.

Kabbalat Shabbat

Welcoming the Sabbath with the Friday evening service, a selection of Psalms and devotional prayers developed by the Kabbalists of Tzfat in the 1500s. (20 videos)

Shabbat Maariv

If Kabbalat Shabbat was long, make the next service quick! Learn the special nusach for Friday night's Maariv service. (17 videos)

Pesukei D'Zimrah

From the very physical morning brachot (blessings) to the triumphant universalism of "Nishmat Kol Chai," learn Saturday's introductory service.  (12 videos)

Shabbat Shacharit

From Barchu and the Shema to the Amida and the beginning of the Torah service, learn the liturgical choreography of Saturday morning. (18 videos)

Shabbat Musaf

Traverse the "additional service" of Musaf that follows the Torah and Haftorah readings on Shabbat morning, using major and minor melodies. (17 videos)

Shabbat Havdallah

Leading the simple yet powerful Saturday night service, which marks the end of the Sabbath with special sensory accompaniment. (2 videos)

Festival Nusach

Learn the special melodies and liturgy for the Shelosh Regalim - Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot - including Maariv, Shacharit and Musaf services. (6 videos)


A song-filled service of praise invoked on the major holidays of the Jewish calendar, as well as Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of each new month. (13 videos)

Weekday Nusach

Learn to lead the prayer services of a "regular" weekday, including Maariv, Shacharit and Mincha, favoring groundedness over drama.  (4 videos)


Nusach Roadmap

Understand the arc of prayer from an aesthetic, spiritual and energetic point of view. Consider how to bring everyone into the prayer experience. (6 videos)

Modes of Nusach Ashkenaz

Learning the scales and modes associated with the predominant nusach in America. Fundamentals of music theory as it relates to Jewish prayer. (6 videos)

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become a prayer leader or who wants to expand and refine his or her skills as a ba'al tfilah, with particular focus on all the major prayer services related to Shabbat, Festivals (the Shelosh Regalim) and regular weekdays.

Through learning the nusach in these videos - and, crucially, by trying them in real life! - you can become a prayer and song leader in your community. 

You will learn all of the major liturgy for Shabbat, Festival and Weekday services, including Hallel, and be able to lead any of these services at a synagogue or other prayer gathering. In addition, you will acquire familiarity with fundamental concepts of music theory as it relates to traditional Jewish music and develop the aesthetic and spiritual sensitivity to bring diverse groups of people together in powerful song.

There are more than 100 videos organized into 11 units. Videos are up to 15 minutes long, amounting to many hours of instructional sessions with a master practitioner. 

  1. Nusach Roadmap
  2. Kabbalat Shabbat
  3. Shabbat Maariv
  4. Pesukei D'Zimrah for Shabbat
  5. Shabbat Shacharit
  6. Shabbat Musaf
  7. Shabbat Havdallah
  8. Festival Nusach
  9. Hallel for Holidays and Rosh Chodesh
  10. Weekday Nusach for Maariv, Shacharit and Mincha
  11. Modes & Scales of Nusach Asheknaz in America


Many people emerge from Joey's workshops eager for a systematized series that can help them to take their inspiration and bring it into the world.  This series is for you!  

If you have never attended a workshop with Joey, please come sometime!  In the meanwhile, this series will help you make music in your community.  

The structure of this series allows aspiring practitioners of every level to plot a path to nusach mastery at their own pace. Some may choose to focus on Kabbalat Shabbat while others will want to grasp the finer points of leading Hallel. Choose your own nusach adventure!

Learn how to be a prayer leader!

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