Singing Communities

Ten Keys to Unlocking Powerful Spiritual Music in Your Community

Do you want to hear beautiful singing in your community? This series of 40+ videos teaches how to bring people together to unlock joyous, nuanced song. Full of stories and strategies, this series is designed for all members of the community. 

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Unlock Song in Your Community!

Joey has worked with hundreds of communities to help them learn to sing together. His book, Building Singing Communities, written almost a decade ago, has helped lay the framework for joyous song world-wide. Designed for leaders and visionaries who want concrete suggestions about how to transform their community, this instructional series lays out the top 10 "keys" for building singing communities across more than 40 videos. Learn to facilitate closeness, lead from the center, build a prayer team, set up singing space, encourage harmony, find the groove, repeat melodies, cultivate silence, incorporate movement and respond to resistance.

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Jump into music, prayer, and artistry today! Explore all of the master classes in Jewish song and prayer with Joey Weisenberg, including 18 comprehensive courses (1000+ videos) in the Jewish spiritual soundscape, from communal song (nigun) and prayer-leading (nusach), to musical wisdom (Torah), composition, and playing of instruments, as well as virtual events for members and an extensive archive of live performance videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed for leaders and visionaries as well as congregants and board members who want concrete suggestions about how to transform their community, this instructional video series lays out the top 10 "keys" for building singing communities and help explain what you're likely to experience as you actually try these strategies in real communities.

No matter the size or skillset of your community, through this video series you will learn to effectively gather together people in song. Understand how the dynamics of space, leadership, teamwork, sound and silence can be optimized to create powerfully spiritual musical experiences.

  • Ten Keys Introduction (1 video)
  • Key #1: Closeness (4 videos)
  • Key #2: Centered Leading (5 videos)
  • Key #3: The Prayer Team (3 videos)
  • Key #4: Setting Up Space (5 videos)
  • Key #5: Harmony of Amen (5 videos)
  • Key #6: Finding the Groove (4 videos)
  • Key #7: Repeating Melodies (4 videos)
  • Key #8: Creating Silence (3 videos)
  • Key #9: Movement (5 videos)
  • Key #10: Responding to Resistance (4 videos)
  • Bonus Tips and Final Thoughts (3 videos)

There are 40+ videos in the series - 5 to 15 minutes each - adding up to many hours of instructional sessions with a master practitioner. 

Many people emerge from Joey's workshops eager for a systematized series that can help them to take their inspiration and bring it into the world.  This series is for you!  

If you have never attended a workshop with Joey, please come sometime!  In the meanwhile, this series will help you make music in your community.  

The structure of this series allows aspiring practitioners of every level to learn how to foster singing community at their own pace. Some may want to begin by learning how to create ideal spaces for communal song while others will want to learn how to navigate the sensitive - at times awkward - dynamics of working with diverse groups of prayerful people. Unlock the doors to beautiful collective song in any order!

Take your song to the next level!


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