Performing intimate spiritual music and building joyous singing communities.
10th Anniversary - Photo Credit Emil Cohen
Photo by Emil Cohen

Joey Weisenberg is the Creative Director of the Hadar Center for Communal Jewish Music, and is the author of Building Singing Communities.  He’s a multi-instrumentalist musician, singer and composer who has performed and recorded internationally with dozens of bands in a wide variety of musical styles.

Having come to cherish the imperfectly beautiful music of normal people singing together, Joey works to empower communities around the world to unlock their musical and spiritual potential, and to make music a lasting and joy-filled force in shul and in Jewish life.

His nigunim have become popular worldwide.

Building Singing Communities

Using ideas from his book Building Singing Communities, Joey teaches communities how to come together to make music a lasting and joy-filled force in shul and Jewish life.

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A Brooklyn-Based Prayer Leader Heralds a Revolution in Jewish Music

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Videos, Music, Books

Enjoy performance footage, instructional videos, sample music tracks from Joey’s discography, published books and articles, and more!

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Joey enjoys performing intimate concerts in communities world-wide…

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The Hadar Center for Jewish Communal Music

Concert 2016 - Standing

As Creative Director of Hadar’s Center for Jewish Communal Music, Joey has helped to create some wonderful new resources for prayer leaders and folks who like to sing.

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When and where Joey is performing and teaching next.

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Articles about Joey and his music.

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Photos:  Dan Rous, Christopher Geller, Josh Freed, Emil Cohen, and Aleya Schwartz

Photos by Dan Rous
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